Episode January 8, 2013

The Kevin & Bean Podcast, Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The show opens with the cast complaining about the technical difficulties they have been experiencing since they returned from vacation. Lisa has to try several different mics.

Bean reviews a story about a Santa Cruz tree trimmer who has had his second freak accident in 6 months!

9:00 Show Biz Beat

Rachel Nichols, actress, 33
R. Kelly, Trapped in the Closet, 45
Stephen Hawking, smart science guy, 71
Sarah Pauley, actress, 34
David Bowie, music legend, 66
Bob Eubanks

16:30 Honey Boo Boo's Halloween Special

Usually they make someone else review bad TV shows, but I think Bean secretly loves Honey Boo Boo. This is a very timely Halloween themed show. The show includes June dying her hair blonde, which makes her boyfriend really excited, the girls carving pumpkins, pants full of pumpkin guts, and of course everyone's favorite scary story, Fart Ghost. (You smell it before you see it.)

26:00 Al Gore sells his TV station

Al Gore gets paid 125 million when Al Jazeera buys his television station. "Al Gore" calls into the show to talk about the new programming available on the channel, which all sound like American shows, but with an Al Jazeera twist. Al tries to say Salam Aleikum several times, without success.

31:00 Sam the Armenian Comedian

Sam has booked a gig at Club Astral, which is an upscale club in Burbank about to have its grand opening. Sam calls in to thank the gang for his new found success, and tells them about the new night club and his hosting gig. Don't miss Sam's appearance where he will feature his songs about New York. The gang plans to send Beer Mug down to cover the event. Sam cannot understand why everyone else doesn't want to go. Then Sam says he is psychic. Sound disjointed? Pretty much. Then, one of sam's infamous "jokes" at 38:15. As usual, it goes nowhere and the punchline does not exist.

40:00 Captain Minutiae

In light of Jennifer Lopez' crazy contract rider, as discussed on yesterday's show, the gang teases Bean for his agreement that white extension cords are superior to other colors. Bean also hates black pens to the point that he will make a noise and throw it if he picks one up. The gang takes calls from listeners with other weird, OCD issues such as this.

50:30 Phone interview with Hines Ward

Hines Ward calls in to talk about football and retirement. In his post-football life, he has been doing a triathlon training, appearing in the Dark Knight Rises, Dancing with the Stars, as well as a cooking show, I have never heard of. That's as much as I had attention span for since this was sports-related.  

58:30 Hockey is back

Luc Robitaille calls in to talk about how the contract negotiations turned out and resulted in an abbreviated season, and how that will affect strategy going into the season. 

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01:08:00 Vomiting Larry, the Robot

Scientists are using a robot to try and track how the norovirus is being spread so quickly.  We are in luck, as Vomiting Larry is available for a phone call, but things do not go as you might expect.

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01:13:00 In Studio Interview with Ralph Garman of The Joe Schmo Show

We are in luck as Ralph is available to come into the studio today to talk about he show, which premiers on the Spike Network tonight, January 8th. Imagine the amount of improv talent that would be required to pull off a show like this. If you want to see one of Kristin Wiig's first acting gigs, check out her performance as the psychologist on Season One. 


01:21:00 Closing Show Biz Beat

New stories include:
  • Click here to purchase The Next DayDavid Bowie has made a new album, The Next Day, and on his birthday he dropped his first single in many years, and since we are all talking about David Bowie, we get to hear Ralph sing another version of his favorite Bowie song.

  • Huell Howser has passed away. Huell was the host of local SoCal television show, California's Gold. He was like a Mr. Rogers for grown ups.

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