Episode, January 15, 2013

Buy Rock n Roll Action Figures, Toys, & Merchandise at Rock-n-Roll-Action-Figures.com The Kevin & Bean Podcast, Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It is cold in California and people are panicking. If you haven't seen a weather-cast in Southern California during a cold snap or rainy day, you are missing out. If it drops below 60 degrees, it is a top news story. Kids had to wear gloves, people, GLOVES!

6:30 Show Biz Beat with Ralph Garman

  • Britney Spears has a good reason for quitting the X-factor. We are learning that she asked for a 3 million dollar raise, and they said no thank you. However, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas is offering a sweet 2 year deal over there.
  • The Golden Globe parties were the talk of the town, including Damien Lewis doing the Gangnam style dance, and Heidi Klum and Nathan Fillion dancing until Heidi pulled his pants down. Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Cooper were there together and people are speculating that they are dating. 

Lisa Lisa (of the Cult Jam), 46
Chad Lowe, 45
Eddie Cahil, CSI, 35
Howie Day, 32
Pittbull, rapper, 32
Scrillix, (whose real name is Sonny), 25
Regina King, 42
Mario Van Peebles,  56
James Nesbitt, 48

15:00 Toilet Theme Park

This is a thing. This is real. This is not a joke.

In South Korea, they have a theme park and museum dedicated to our favorite modern plumbing implement. The theme park itself is shaped like a toilet, and there are statues of squatting men outside.

The museum is home to the Golden Poop Art Festival. I am serious.

24:30 Dave the King of Mexico talks more about Tonka the Wombat

As we discussed previously, Dave went to Austraila, and visited the Billabong Sanctuary in order to hug a wombat. Dave was pretty confident that his visit helped the reportedly depressed creature. The gang was able to reach Tonka by phone, but as you can imagine, they heard some disturbing news.

30:30 Jay Mohr in Studio

The verbally exhausting Jay Mohr joins the gang and no one gets a word in edgewise. Jay is going to be hosting a sports radio show on Fox Sports Radio. Jay covers a myriad of topics, runs through his catalog of impressions, and we all die a little.

44:00 AFRO line highlights

Kevin highlights a few AFRO-line calls from fans and listeners, including: taunting the "moist" girl, making fun of Huel Howser, hating Omar, hiding things inside vaginas, where are the Kevin live-read outtakes?, hating on Beer Mug, Bean's Monopoly anxiety, weather panic, and a song by Wing that ends hilariously abruptly.

Lorenzo Lamas sporting his European Casual Pouch

49:30 Lorenzo Lamas in Studio

Lorenzo comes in to talk about the Joe Schmo Show, the development and casting of the show, the stress of not blowing the whole secret, and the European Casual Pouch. If you haven't enjoyed Lorenzo's performance as "Lorenzo" on the show, you are missing out.

1:05:30 Honey Boo Boo's Thanksgiving Special

Another timely holiday special for the Honey Boo Boo train wreck. You are going to have to listen to this segment yourself because I can't understand anything these people said. Its a good thing that Bean translates some of what we are hearing. Some of the highlights include 50 opened cans of food, a turkey filled with butter, a chicken named Nugget, and a food fight.

1:15:30 Jeff Ross in Studio

Jeff comes in, and right on cue everyone makes fun of his hair. Really this is low-hanging fruit.  Jeff is promoting his show, The Burn, on Comedy Central, where he does some stand-up with other comedians on the roast circuit, and roasts people in the audience. If you enjoy the Comedy Central Roasts, you will probably like this show.  Jeff also talks about his recent confrontation with the Westboro Baptist Church.

 1:30:00 Closing Show Biz Beat


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