Episode January 14, 2013

The Kevin & Bean Podcast, Monday, January 14, 2013

What is going on with Jodi Foster? The star acted a little odd at the Golden Globe's last night.

7:30 Show Biz Beat

  • Box office over the weekend showed Zero Dark Thirty in the number one spot. Also in the top 5 were A Haunted House (for some reason), Gangster Squad, Djengo Unchained, and Les Miserables.
  • Ralph recaps the Golden Globe winners; see the complete list of Golden Globe 2013 winners here.
  • Proof that a sense of humor is sexy? Olivia Wilde is going to marry Jason Sudeikis.
  • Brittney Spears has broken up with her fiancee du jour. I didn't even bother keeping track of this story.
  • Mark your calendars, Tyler Perry has announced the movie of A Medea Christmas will be coming this year.  Hallelujer! What Ralph does NOT tell you, is that A Medea Chistmas is already a play, and the DVD of the play available on Netflix. I know this will make you very happy. You're welcome.


Caleb Followill,  Kings of Leon, 31
Jason Bateman stars in Arrested Development
Dave Grohl, 44
Jason Bateman, 44
LL Cool J, 45
Zack Wylde, 46
Steven Soderbergh, 50
Carl Weathers, 65
Faye Dunaway, 62


14:00 Taydolf Switler

Taylor broke up with her boyfriend from One Direction and attended the Golden Globes by herself.   Apparently Taylor made a "face" when Adele won in the category they were both nominated.  "Taylor" calls in, talks to the gang about her breakups, and sings some songs.

18:30 Call-in from Harvey Levin of TMZ

Harvey calls in and they give a play-by-play of the manic train-wreck that was Jodi Foster's Golden Globe speech and talk about the possible lasting implications on her career.  After the phone call is over, the gang continues to talk about the Golden Globes broadcast's highs and lows. My favorite is this clip of Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig.


38:00 Brazillian Prostitutes Prepare for the 2014 World Cup

Hookers are getting ready by learning English so they can capitalize on the World Cup tourism.  The gang calls an "English professor to talk about the unique phrases the ladies are learning for this task.  The interview opens with a spectacular Moment with Kevin, which is pretty ironic considering the content of the phone call to follow.

44:30 Call-in Topic: Mascot Job Nightmares

Bean discusses a couple of mascots he sees working on street corners or inside restaurants and Ralph shares a pretty funny personal experience with a He-Man costume.  Listeners also call in to tell some pretty cringe-worthy stories.

58:00 Andrew Siciliano calls in to talk about the NFL

And I need to clean my toilets for the next 7 minutes and 30 seconds. 

1:05:30 Jimmy Kimmel calls in

Jimmy and the gang talk about Jimmy's new 11:30pm time slot for his very successful show.

1:11:30 Thanks for that Info, Bean

Ralph and the gang highlight some of Bean's off-mic attempts to have conversations with his coworkers.

1:19:00 Closing Show Biz Beat

  • The gang makes fun of Lena Dunham's choice of footwear at the Golden Globes. Ralph really dislikes this woman because she thinks very highly of herself and talk a little more about the event.
  • The Beatles' first hit, Love Me Do, has crossed over into public domain in Europe. 
  • Vivid Entertainment is suing Los Angeles County for the new law that requires adult actors to use condoms, saying that it infringes on their freedom of expression.

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