Episode, January 16, 2013

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 Kroll, Carolla, and Grohl

Bean wants to know, what is the appropriate punishment for someone calling in a fake bomb threat to an airline, to get back at the guy who wronged his girlfriend. Kenneth Smith, who got angry when his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend put up a racy photo online, called in a bomb threat to the airport on the ex-boyfriend.

 8:30 Show Biz Beat with Ralph

Kate Moss

Sade, 54
David Chocachi, Baywatch, 45
Roy Jones Jr, Boxer, 44
Kate Moss, skeleton, 39
Joe Flacco, sports somebody,  38
Nick Valensi, The Strokes, 32
Jill Sobule, the original I Kissed a Girl,
Albert Pujols, Anaheim Angels, 34

17:00 Mugs is depressed

Mugs went to the world premier of The Last Stand to get some hard hitting interviews from big stars. Then, he accidentally reformatted his digital memory card and lost all the footage. 

20:30 Omaroke

Omar "sings" Muse songs for listeners. If callers can identify the song he is singing, they will go into a drawing for Muse Tickets. 

27:00 Michael Schnyder from TVguide.com

Michael calls in to talk about the new TV sit-com project that has been offered to Jessica Simpson. Everyone agrees this is a bad idea. Will this ever make the air?

34:00 Nick Kroll Interview

Nick is promoting his new show, The Kroll Show. I caught the first episode and it was pretty funny. Nick is definitely a funny dude. You can get the first episode for free on Amazon here:

 The Kroll Show, Episode 1, San Diego Diet.

46:40 Corey Taylor and Dave Grohl

Sound City Soundtrack
The guys come in to talk about the Sound City movie. This sounds like a remarkable project and a dream come true for Dave. Several musicians and bands that recorded at Sound City were tracked down and interviewed for this movie, and they are putting on an all star concert. Dave purchased the board from the studio because of the impact he feels that it had on his career and the music industry as a whole. If you like to hear about music history, give this interview a listen, and check out the film.

1:13:00 Adam Carolla on the phone

Adam calls in to talk about lighting his farts on fire on long-distance road trips, and for This Week in Rage!

Adam has so much rage for this topic, he only has time to complain about one thing this week:
The Lance Armstrong controversy, but, during his rant, he sneaks in some complaints about paying taxes.

Dita Von Teese

1:22:00 Closing Show Biz

  • Chip Kelley is the new coach of the Eagles, and Ralph is happy about that.
  • Conrad Bain has passed away. We learned that Conrad had a brother named Boner Bain. Whatchoo talkin 'bout, Ralph? 
  • Russell Crow might be dating famous burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese.  Ralph reminds us that she used to date Marilyn Manson, and they discuss possible sterilization procedures.
  • One Direction is filming a 3D concert movie. This is going to be directed by Morgan Spurlock. What a weird match-up.

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