Episode Thursday, January 17, 2012

The Kevin & Bean Podcast, Thursday, January 17, 2012

The gang starts out by bringing up the Manti Te'o fake-dead-girlfriend story

10:00 Show Biz Beat

  • Ralph is upset that SyFy canceled Alphas
  • Britney Spears is being chased by many casinos in Vegas for a 2 year residency deal. Apparently Caesars' 200 million dollar bid is just the beginning of a bidding war. 
  • Dominic Cooper has been cast in a miniseries highlighting the life of James Bond creator, Ian Flemming. 
  • Is Kim Kardashian's pregnancy a publicity stunt?


Betty White, 91
James Earl Jones, 82
Maury Povich, 74
Muhammed Ali, 71
Susana Hoffs, 54
Jim Carrey, 51
Michelle Obama, 49
Naveen Andrews, Sayeed from Lost, 44
Kid Rock, 42
DJ Caruso, 48
Josh Molina, West Wing
Zooey Dechanel, 33


Vitamin String Quartet plays Muse

18:30 Classical Muse-ic

Listeners call in to guess the title of Muse songs, as performed by a string quartet.


24:00 The Wheel o' Bad Animal Voices

Based on the New Zealand news report about dogs driving cars, the gang calls to talk to one of the dog trainers, but oddly enough they wind up talking to one of the dogs!

30:00 Bas Rutten calls in

MMA star Bas Rutten calls in to talk about his neck surgery, and promotes the Fit Expo in Los Angeles.

 36:30 Phone-in with Petros Papadakis

Petros calls in to talk about the Manti Te'o fake-dead-girlfriend controversy.  He gives a good overview of what happened, as known so far. What a bazaar story.

45:00 Arnold Schwarzenegger on the phone

The real Arnold calls in to promote his new movie, The Last Stand, which is his first leading role in many years. The movie actually has an appealing cast-- Johnny Knoxville and Forest Whitakre, but it is not surprising to see the Rotten Tomatoes review.  They discuss the former Governor's switch-over to politics and back to acting.  Unfortunately, Arnold still sounds like a politician as he is talking about this movie and I tuned most of it out, but not enough to miss the tired "I'll be back" catchphrase at the end.


54:00 Jim Jefferies in studio

Jim brings his adorable accent to the studio to talk about being on the Conan O'Brien show.  The gang also talks about Marian Cotillard's weird eyes.  I have to say-- the right makeup makes all the difference for her.

Jim also promotes his new series called Legit. Jim is a fairly irreverent and vulgar comedian so I hope the series will tune into that even though the FX channel is on the modest side of the spectrum.

1:14:00 Dr. Drew calls in

The gang wanted to talk about the Lance Armstrong confession, the drugs he was involved in, and the way that Lance handled himself when he was denying doping. Dr. Drew expresses concern for the witch-hunt mentality, and reminds us that people love resurrection stories. I think that, after the dust settles, Armstrong will be even more popular after this controversy.

1:20:00 Things you think, but do not say out loud

Thought Catalog has an article, 7 Things Everyone Thinks But No One Says.  Unfortunately, Bean only talks about 5 of these, and leaves out the funniest one-- "I want to punch that baby."


1:27:00 Closing Show Biz Beat

  • Ralph has high hopes to star in an upcoming biopic about the legendary James Brown, and practices some of his Brown impressions.
  • Al Pacino will be starring in Happy Valley, portraying dirt-bag Joe Paterno.
  • Cirque Du Soleil is firing 400 people in their organization as they restructure their productions. The company is obviously failing, because the founder, Guy Lalibert√©, could ony afford 11 days in space.  How embarrassing.

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